‘Destructive policies, leadership exclusion chasing away youth’

Part of the crowd that thronged the Zanu PF headquarters yesterday


ZIMBABWE is losing important and quality youthful labour to other countries due to destructive policies and lack of a clear policy that supports the youth, a research think-tank has said.

This came out at a youth dialogue meeting held in Mutare on Wednesday. The meeting was organised by the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) and the International
Development Research Centre (IDRC) in partnership with the Youth ministry and youth groups, among other stakeholders.

RAU senior researcher Lloyd Pswarayi said the research organisation was aiming at overturning destructive policies on youths.

“Youths are used by politicians during elections to take part in violence,” he said.

“From our engagement so far, we have found out that youth unemployment is a major challenge and also there is leadership exclusion. We found out that the youth
do not want to attend government programmes because they feel there is nothing they can offer to them. The policies are disconnected. This explains why there are a number of youths who go overseas to seek greener pastures. When they are engaging in destructive policies, especially during elections, politicians
target youth by intoxicating them (with alcohol) to participate in violent activities.”

Mutare mayor Blessing Tandi said the local authority would allocate stands to the youth.

“This is a new initiative we are looking at. In terms of entrepreneurship, we will also partner with youths in many other ways,” he said.