Dabengwa Foundation director skips Zim


DUMISO Dabengwa Foundation director Mthulisi Hanana has skipped the country over security concerns.

He missed the DD family fun day on Sunday — an event held in honour of the late ex-Zpra intelligence supremo at the Highlanders Club house a week after the former Home Affairs minister was laid to rest at a family shrine in Ntabazinduna.

Hanana, who blasted the Zanu PF government over human rights violations during the memorial service and burial for Dabengwa complained that State security agents were following and
harassing him, allegedly over his remarks. He also claimed that the State operatives wanted to confiscate records that implicate government in the 1980s Gukurahundi killings and pre-
independence violence against fellow comrades by some top Zanu PF and Zanla officials.

Hanana said security agents visited his residence several times after Dabengwa’s burial and were surveilling him.

On Saturday, Hanana posted on Facebook that he would not attend the Dabengwa family fun day, which he had organised, for security reasons.

“I wish I could be there for this event, but I have had to attend a personal safety and CIO evasion trip to the country of my birth, as we suspected the people that were following us around had been paid to attend the event,” he said.

“Same with police from the Law and Order department. Someone has positively identified them. I will return, not many days from today. An eye for an eye is the motto. We can’t be
victimised sithule (while we keep quiet). Zimbabwe is ours too. I must enjoy. Lilibambe lingatshoni (Before it’s too late)!”

The foundation’s programmes co-ordinator Sanele Hanana declined to comment on Hanana’s whereabouts.

Hanana’s mobile phones were not reachable yesterday, amid revelations he had skipped the border to a yet-to-be-known destination.

According to sources privy to the goings-on, suspected security agents visited Hanana’s home last week and demanded various records he had before warning that they would keep
surveillance on him. He reportedly surrendered the material he kept locally, with key documents, however, said to be in South Africa for safekeeping.

During Dabengwa’s memorial service, Hanana told mourners that his organisation was documenting Zipra and Zapu history in the liberation struggle and the Gukurahundi atrocities.

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