Cop robbed of AK-47 rifle at tollgate

A POLICE officer stationed at Lion’s Den tollgate outside Chinhoyi was last week robbed of her AK-47 assault rifle while on duty, NewsDay has learnt.


Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident and said police were hunting for the suspected robber.

“Police are hunting for the culprit who robbed our officer of her gun at Lion’s Den tollgate last week. That’s all I can say for now concerning the issue. It is not unusual as people would want to believe,” he said

Mabgweazara said this was the second time an officer had been dispossessed of a gun in the province.

“This is not the first time an officer on duty had the gun forcibly taken away, as this happened in Norton, but we managed to apprehend the culprits and recovered our FN rifle,” he said.

Such robberies are happening at the backdrop of increasing armed robbery cases in the country. Ads


  1. if something has happened twice only then it is safe to say it is unusual Officer. If you say it is a usual thing then the badly trained ZRP would have no gun left.

  2. It is negligence on the party of the Officer, they need serious re-training once issued with a gun it becomes part of your body she should have gone with it.

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