AirZim needs $12m to stay afloat


AIR ZIMBABWE judicial manager Reggie Saruchera says he is pushing authorities to avail a $12 million package to maintain the airline’s fleet and acquire additional aircraft.

Saruchera told parliamentarians during a tour of the company that his immediate plan was to have two airbuses and two Ambraers in the sky in the next six months.

“We are planning to have at least four planes running in the next six months .We have an Airbus 320, a 120-seater which needs $3,5 million to fix and repair. We have ownership issues with a company called Southjet, which is claiming to own this plane so we want this ratified. The other Airbus 320 is in Johannesburg and needs $ 5, 5 million to maintain as well,” he said.

Saruchera said he also intended to acquire an Ambraer at a cost of about $2 million, which will service local and regional routes, adding to the existing one.

“We are pushing the government to capitalise the airline to the tune of US$10 million to US$12 million,” Saruchera said.

He added the airline was charging fares in both US and RTGS dollars in line with the prevailing situation.

Saruchera said the other two 767 Boeings, which were flying, were currently down for C-check, adding the other one should be done within the next two weeks.

“But we think the 767s have had their time and must rest now,” he said.

Air Zimbabwe owes a combined US$341 million to foreign and domestic creditors as at August 31, 2018.

The airliner was placed under reconstruction last October.

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  1. James Bannister

    “Ambraer”? Your reporter should do some basic research before writing. It’s “Embraer” — Brazilian-made regional jets.

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