7 ways of surviving hard times


We live in great, yet challenging times. Everyone goes through their fair share of hardship. Pain is caused by many things.

At times it’s caused by people who you love and thought would stand with you. Hard times may also come , but for a season. Should we kick ourselves and drown in that quagmire of pain and hardship? Someone once said if one is in hell, they must not just idly standby, but try doing something. Either jump out, run or just do about anything. It won’t help, even if you
cry the loudest while you are still in hell.

Take control

Pain always presents one the opportunity to refine their passion and purpose. Learn from hard and painful moments. Get time to cry, but don’t cry forever. Take time to list all lessons during hard times. Tony Robbins says when we win, we party, but when we lose, we ponder. Learn to make the best out of hard times.

Don’t beat yourself

Most people forever mourn on their grave of hardship. They blame and beat themselves for mistakes made. They self-curse. Don’t beat yourself. Stand up, wipe you tears and grab your
dream with grit.


Decide what you are going to focus on. I am a coach of people who are caught up in the thicket of stress. They could be stressed by their marriage, money and life. These people focus on
their pain and forget to find how they are supposed to resolve their problems. Go and grow out of the pain of the moment, and think of solutions. Most people are sick, because their brain is drenched in pain and hardship. Neurologists have confirmed that most sickness starts in the brain, then it streams to the whole body. If you master your brain, then it’s easy
also to control your body.


Pain could say, give up! When in pain, don’t give up. Don’t just go through pain, grow through it. Get into the beast mode; fight the more. When it’s painful, it’s not the time to throw
in the towel. Push yourself.

Tim S Grover, the author of the book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable, says, “Being relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could ever demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You must do more. The minute your mind thinks, “Done,” your instincts say, “Next.”

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