White farmer ‘resists’ to make way for minister’s son

Zimbabwe' unidentified farmers facing eviction from their farms which were targetted for seizure under controversial government land reforms walk into Harare's magistrate's court February 05 2008 to launch an appeal against prosecution for defying eviction orders. Some nine years ago, the Zimbabwean government embarked on a controversial reform programme to acquire millions of hectares (acres) of land from whites and redistribute it to blacks. President Robert Mugabe who has ruled the former British colony since independence in 1980, is hoping to secure a sixth term in office at joint parliamentary and presidential elections on March 29. AFP PHOTO/Desmond Kwande (Photo by DESMOND KWANDE / AFP)

CHIPINGE farmer and retired Swiss banker, Richard Le Vieux, who has established a reputable business of exporting coffee, avocados and macadamia nuts for the past 30 years, appeared in court on Wednesday charged with failing to vacate part of FarFell Coffee Estate to make way for Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Ellen Gwaradzimba’s son.


Le Vieux, director of Farfell Coffee Estate (Private) Limited, together with his company, pleaded not guilty to contravening section 3(2) ()a) as read with section (3)(3) of the Gazetted Land (Consequential Provisions) Act (occupying gazetted land without lawful authority) when he appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Farai Gwitima.

He was remanded out of custody to May 29 for continuation of trial.

Gwaradzimba’s son, Remembrance Mbudzana claimed he was allocated Lot 1 of Farfell Coffee Estate by the Lands ministry.

“I arrived at the magistrate court to collect summons only to learn that, in fact, I will be on trial and I had no legal representation,” Vieux said.

Vieux is set to be represented by Harare lawyer Norman Mugiya.

In a warned and cautioned statement recorded by one Assistant Inspector Makovere at Chipinge Rural Police Station, Mbudzana (40) believes that the white commercial farmer was unlawfully occupying the land.
“I know the accused person, namely Richard Le Vieux as a director of Farfell Coffee Estate referred as the first accused person. On January 10 2019, I successfully applied for A2 model resettlement and I was allocated land by the acquiring authority at Lot 1 of Farfell Coffe Estate, Chipinge, measuring 229,400 hectares through an offer letter,” the letter read.

“I immediately approached the provincial lands officers who took me to the said land. I was shown the boundaries of the farm physically against a respective map which I also now see before the court as exhibit.”

He said Vieux refused to vacate the land on January 17.

Gwaradzimba has been accused of using her political muscle to facilitate the eviction of over 350 families at Zengeni Farm in Mutasa district where she reportedly has interests. The families recently received eviction notices from the Lands ministry to vacate the farm in Penhalonga.

Gwaradzimba also occupies part of Zengeni Farm and is reportedly eyeing to extend her land by driving out the villagers who have been living at the farm for decades.

The villagers were surprised that Gwaradzimba intensified the process of evicting them soon after assuming her ministerial position.


  1. Is this still happening under ED pfee and his Zimbabwe is open for business.”On January 10 2019, I successfully applied for A2 model resettlement and I was allocated land by the acquiring authority at Lot 1 of Farfell Coffe Estate……….” What a disgrace

  2. Haewa kana this is not it, I thought land allocation was over and done. How do we expect investors in the country when cronyism is still occurring haa nxa

  3. This is not encouraging. I thought it was a new Zimbabwe or were we just fooled. Come on Mr. President and stand up for what you promised us all and root out corrupt elements who desire to spoil Zimbabwe and make life tough for all of us. Put politics behind and ethics and the good of the nation ahead.

      • Well said Tatenda, it is not a racial thing – evil, corrupt people exist in every race (as do people of merit and principle) – it is a tragedy for every Zimbabwean of every race that this sort of despicable action is going on.

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