We have solutions to shortages: ED


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government has solutions to the biting fuel and foreign currency shortages threatening to bring the economy into recession.

Mnangagwa — speaking at the burial of the late liberation war hero Misheck Velaphi Ncube at the National Heroes’ Acre yesterday — said Zimbabwe was poised for economic boom regardless of the challenges it is facing at the moment.

“We are currently facing various economic challenges in our country such as the foreign currency and fuel shortages. However, I assure the nation that my administration will resolve these issues without fail. Meanwhile, our business people at every level must be ethical in their conduct, the rebuilding of our economy is everyone’s responsibility,” Mnangagwa said.

Government, accusing business of engaging in economic sabotage by wantonly inflating prices, has threatened to enforce price controls.

“I urge us to also remain vigilant and alert in upholding peace and considering our national interests in all that we do, as we move forward on the path towards growth and prosperity. Our country means men and women like the late national hero we lay to rest today,” he said.

In the face of political contestations and a challenge of his legitimacy by the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa, Mnangagwa said his party was open to dialogue.

“Let us pledge to put the interests of our beloved country above our own personal interests. We must resolutely shun and oppose tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, corruption and all other divisive and retrogressive practices. Let us preach and live in peace, love and harmony as a people,” he said.

The statements on economic turnaround, however, continue to ring hollow to many Zimbabweans, whose earnings are persistently eroded by skyrocketing prices and fuel shortages.

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  1. It’s always going to be better tomorrow.

  2. I think ED wanted to say “we have shortages of solutions” ….. sorry akanyora akakanganisa zwakataurwa lol

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