US firm invests in Zim agriculture


CORTEVA Agriscience (Corteva), a division of United States-based global agricultural inputs provider, DowDupoint has entered into a strategic partnership with a local company, Valley Seeds, to oversee the distribution of seeds.

Corteva sells Pioneer and Pannar seed brands in Zimbabwe and offers crop protection technologies to address challenges such as weeds and crop diseases.

“This collaboration endorses our commitment to collaboration across the food chain to transform the role of agriculture in society and enhance the livelihood of farmers in Zimbabwe. Corteva Agriscience will support Valley Seeds by providing agronomic support and services,” Corteva Commercial Unit leader for East Africa Joseph Anampiu said.

Agriculture deputy minister Vangelis Haritatos said the collaboration was a good example of how multinational companies can work with local companies to benefit the economy.

“I hope that this collaboration will foster large-scale job creation and meaningful technology transfer, training and capacity building for Valley Seeds and other players in the industry. As rising populations and incomes increase pressure on land and other resources, agricultural productivity plays an increasingly important role in improving food security and affordability,” said Haritatos.

The partnership will lead to the accessibility of better yielding Pannar products for this market, together with improved agronomy services and training.

“This strategic collaboration will ensure that we will continue supplying farmers with outstanding products, service and the agronomy support farmers in Zimbabwe know and expect from the brand,” said Temba Nkatazo, founder and chief executive officer of Valley Seeds.

Corteva has been active in Africa for over 60 years and supports a broad range of crops, a wide range of farm sizes in various stages of technology adoption and a range of economic and market conditions.

Its large footprint allows the company to deliver solutions, products and services to farmers.

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  1. This American company has no values …yesterday it dumped 21 employees into the street

  2. you evil people dumped 21 employees into the streets..yet u preach lies.Your country leader has no direction…Finance equally the same headless…you lack core values ….dont lie to us Zimbabweans

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