Universal Music courts Mandisoul



TOP movie producer and songwriter Marc Mandisoul has been approached by the United States-based Universal Music Group (UMG), with a deal to have his music used in the company’s ringtones and ring backs, as well as digital music videos.

Mandisoul told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the company offered him a contract to market and distribute the song, Mayhem, worldwide.

“This started as a project I was putting together for Nyanda of Brick & Lace and we produced a song called Mayhem, which I composed and a big Miami-based producer known as the Kemist fell in love with the concept and decided to re-make the song with Nyanda,” he said.

“As the publisher of the music, UMG approached me through Chez Gayle, with the contract to market and distribute the song worldwide.”

Mandisoul said he was excited to have reached another milestone in his life as he will be getting 10% royalties from the song.

“I’m very excited because this is a very big deal. The song is already used by Zumba Fitness as their theme music and the agreement includes ringing tones and music video releases and I get 10% of all royalties of this music and credit for creating the concept,” he said, adding that the song would be released worldwide by Universal Music.

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Mandisoul said he worked with Nyla on the remix of her track, Stand Up, in 2016, while the first version of Mayhem featured South African rapper Gigi LaMayne and a local DJ, V Candy.
He also worked with Shayzar of Mix Masters and Anonzi Xndr, while the new version was performed by the Kemist featuring Nyanda.

Mandisoul said his vision was to create world class productions in film and music, which would attract a global audience and facilitate collaborations.

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