The cost of the world: How South Africa compares

Do South Africans get a good deal compared to the rest of the world – or are we forced to pay more than other nations for the things we need?

While we all know the prices we pay for our housing, bills, food, childcare and leisure activities, it’s tricky to take a step back and see how those figures compare to the rest of the world.

An infographic compiled by forex trading experts IG looks at this – demonstrating how South Africa compares to nine other countries across ten different financial factors.

The research shows:

Property in Cape Town costs $2.7k per square metre – which is the same as Dubai, where wages are 2.5 times higher. However, this cost is almost 6.5 times cheaper than London.
Petrol costs an average of $0.92 a litre – which is much cheaper than Italy ($1.61) and the UK ($1.46) but is more expensive than USA ($0.71) and UAE ($0.49), where wages are higher.
A cup of coffee in South Africa typically costs less than half of the price paid by Americans – and cinema tickets are at their cheapest here, almost a third of the cost of the most expensive tickets in Japan.

See the infographic below for the full comparison to see how South Africa compares to the rest of the world.


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