Shot in the arm for users with busy schedules

C-TRADE is focused on creating convenience and increasing participation and activity on the stock market.

It gives an opportunity to the Zimbabwean citizenry to save, invest and earn through investments on the stock markets. For people with busy schedules who cannot afford to be constantly looking out for changes in the share prices to make quick decisions C-TRADE has added another feature; Auto Trading

Auto trading allows an investor to instruct the application to trade on their behalf once the price reaches a certain low if it’s a buy, or a certain high if it’s a sell.

Now an investor can travel knowing that they will not miss out on any opportunities. Auto trading can be accessed on the same C-TRADE account that an investor currently uses.

The only requirement is for the account to be pre-funded with the funds sufficient to meet the set orders. This funding can be from one’s mobile wallet or bank account.

This feature enables investors to set BUY/SELL instructions within their account for counters that they want to invest in e.g. if a share in counter X is trading at ZWL4.35, one may set an automatic BUY if the price falls to ZWL4.20. Likewise, if one owns/holds shares in counter Y currently trading at ZWL1.80, they can set an automatic SELL instruction if the price rises to say ZWL1.90 or ZWL1.88.

Auto Trading is available for counters that are trading both on FINSEC as well as on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. ads Ads

It comes with a real time notification service where if the pre-set high/low prices are reached, the investor is notified consequently, as the trade (buy/sell) is executed. There are also notifications for deals that would have failed to go through in instances such as when the investor’s account does not have sufficient funds.

C-TRADE continues to make it a reality for investors across the geographical spread to participate on the stock markets in real-time through mobile phones and hand-held devices. The technology offers solutions that address the needs of modern investors who usually have busy schedules and would like to invest in a way that is fast, convenient and secure.

C-TRADE comes in three variants. The USSD platform enables investors on non- smartphones to buy and sell shares by simply dialing the *727# short code across all mobile networks in Zimbabwe giving every Zimbabwean direct access to the capital market with enhanced efficiency and convenience.

For those with internet access and Zimbabweans in the diaspora, C-TRADE online and the C-TRADE mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Playstore makes it possible to invest in shares anytime, anywhere.

The use of paper based transacting methods and its associated shortcomings that include but not limited to risk of loss of documents of title, delays due to movements of paper documents between different offices and different participants is slowly but surely fading away.

C-TRADE is further enhancing financial inclusion and the introduction of more innovative products and services that are making capital markets more attractive to investors and those seeking savings opportunities.

The continued growth of technology will present even greater opportunities for expansion and innovation in capital markets especially as investors become more wired and more comfortable with communication technologies. The effects will be felt throughout the capital markets sector and will redefine the way securities are issued, traded and settled.

An increased number of investors, especially retail investors is also expected to actively increase the number of investors participating in securities trading as a result of the convenience, security and efficiency brought about by technology.

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