Red Cross pledges to repair hailstorm damaged Plumtree school


RED CROSS has committed itself to refurbishing classroom blocks at Osabeni Primary School in Plumtree, which were destroyed by a hailstorm that hit Mangwe district in January.

The hailstorm left a trail of destruction, destroying several building at the primary school and homesteads in the area were also affected.

At the school, several learning materials were destroyed and pupils were left stranded and had to finish the term sharing classrooms due to the devastation.

Red Cross head of communications, Stambuli Kim said he was out of office in Chipinge for Cyclone Idai and asked for written questions.

“It’s possible that there is such an agreement. The problems is that I am out of office today and if you can possibly send me an email, I will look into the matter and respond to you,” Kim said.

However, a member of the staff at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity as she was not allowed to speak to the Press said an agreement has been reached for the repairs. Ads

“The school was destroyed by a hailstorm on January 18 and Red Cross in Plumtree has come aboard, saying it is going to repair the buildings. Thousands of dollars are needed and details of what is going to be done are yet to be finalised, but in two weeks’ time they might be on the ground starting work depending with the availability of funds,” she said.

She said the organisation had shown a lot of commitment to help the school and save the children from learning in the open during the coming winter season.

“It’s now winter, our pupils are learning from buildings which have open roofs and no windowpanes. Red Cross has shown a lot of commitment in helping out. That will come as shot in the arm for our pupils during this winter season.”

Plumtree is prone to hailstorms. Two years ago, two schoolchildren were killed and several people injured when a hailstorm pounded Bulilima district, leaving a trail of destruction in the area.

Five schools were damaged, namely Tokwane Primary, Mzwanyana Secondary, Sinodzi Primary, Tjompani Primary and Gampu Primary.

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