Pictures: Farfell Coffee Estate in Chipinge

Aerial pictures of Farfell Coffee Estate in Chipinge, Manicaland which is being targeted by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Ellen Gwaradzimba’s son Remembrance Mbudzana and is at the center of court battles between Mbudzana and white commercial farmer Richard Le Viex who is running the farm. The trucks there are loading coffee for export (Pics by Le Viex).

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  1. ticky sibanda

    Ah, he is stealing the comrades coffee. Mo Fire. The land is the economy and the economy is the land, forward comrades.

    1. Why rip where you did not sow?Start your own coffee plantation and maintain it,not just to grab,loot and leave the project to die.You are happy to destroy the little that is left of this country.Shame on you.

  2. There will be blackjacks growing there soon.

  3. Somuch for the so-called new dispensation, Second Republic my foot.

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