NGZ to host How Come exhibition


THE National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) will from today host the How Come exhibition preview that will feature 20 artists and runs until June 21 in Bulawayo.

NGZ assistant curator for Bulawayo Clifford Zulu yesterday told Southern Eye Life &Style that the exhibition sought to respond to common undesirable questions and situations that many may find themselves in.

“Inspired by the song How Come by Youssou N’dour, the exhibition will respond to common, yet undesirable questions and situations that many find themselves in. Questions are simple to ask, yet the answers are hard to come by,” he said.

“How come I am poor, how come I am single, how come I am sad , how come I have no child, how come we…, how come they…, how come you…, and how come how come..?”

Zulu said the exhibition also sends a direct appeal to the future from the time preceding major political and economic shifts that Zimbabweans find themselves in.

“The exhibitions in Bulawayo continue to provide a coherent role that the arts play in historical or present settings. Like the song, people continue their quest for a “liberator,” he said. Ads

“It explores the economic potential of learning to question knowledge systems that are inspired by historical narratives. The song contributes to the current political and economic situation where we endeavour to be a people. We continue to be interested in different alignments of knowledge and power that enable contradictions and complications.”

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