MDC throws weight behind Chief Ndiweni

By Sindiso Dube

MDC Alliance has thrown its weight behind embattled Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna, who was reportedly attacked by suspected Zanu PF youths, who tried to seize his vehicle on Wednesday in Bulawayo central business district.

The outspoken traditional leader sprinkled petrol on his Isuzu vehicle and threatened to burn it if anyone dared to seize it, forcing the rowdy youths to retreat.

Ndiweni last week declared that he did not recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration and that he supported sanctions against government officials who were not respecting human rights and the rule of law.

MDC Alliance Bulawayo deputy provincial chair and deputy mayor, Tinashe Kambarami declared his party’s support for Chief Ndiweni.

“Historically and up to date chiefs are the custodians of our tradition and culture in Matabeleland and in our country, Zimbabwe. It is very disturbing to hear that some rowdy, rogue elements suspected to be Zanu PF youths have attacked one of our own, Chief Ndiweni,” Kambarami said.

“The attack of Chief Ndiweni by suspected Zanu PF thugs is a clear statement by the Mnangagwa regime of their intentions to continue to pursue their Gukurahundi agenda, which Mnangagwa himself was involved in in the early 1980s as a way of silencing progressive voices. As the MDC Bulawayo youth assembly, whoever attacks our Rekayi Tangwena of our generation is our enemy. Ads

“We may have different ideologies, but Chief Ndiweni is our chief, he must be respected. We have no doubt that the great Chief Ndiweni is harassed by Zanu PF because of his strong support of his people. He stands with the people he leads, he feels the pain of his people. As youths, we know that the chief has for long been hated by Zanu PF for his uprightness.”

Kambarami urged Chief Ndiweni to remain steadfast in his fight for his people.

“We encourage the great Chief Ndiweni to remain strong in standing with the people of Matabeleland. We encourage him to remain fighting for the national cake slice for his sheep. He must keep fighting the biased policies of Zanu PF and the corrupt activities of Zanu PF,” Kambarami said.

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