Govt yet to attend to doctors’ grievances


PUBLIC hospital doctors, who temporarily downed tools two months ago over poor and unsafe working conditions, lack of critical medicines, basic gloves and equipment, are still battling to get supplies from government.

Addressing journalists soon after meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House yesterday, a representative of the doctors, Faith Muchemwa said, after the meeting, she was hopeful that government would deliver supplies and critical equipment to ensure smooth operations.

“We were invited here by the First Lady. She is the one who arranged this meeting because she was concerned about our work at public institutions. She initially invited us so that she could understand what was really going on because she cares about what is going on,” the plastic surgeon said.

“The meeting with His Excellency has been a really good meeting and we were listened to and we have been assured that most of the things we have been requiring are actually already on their way.”

Government has been pledging to solve the problems at health institutions, but has fallen short. Muchemwa said she had faith that their very long list of needs will be met.

“It’s a long list. It’s actually a two-metre (long) list if I were to print it. It’s mainly the medicines the sundries to use in the hospital, and some of the equipment that had broken down. Some of them have been bought and some people are actually coming to repair things that have broken,” Muchemwa said. ads Ads

Health minister Obadiah Moyo (pictured), who accompanied the senior doctors for the meeting, said there was progress.

“His Excellency, has indicated that he will achieve their wishlist. You know they had a wishlist and the wishlist was really relevant. These are items required in our institutions and the President was very receptive and he is going to be utilising his influence to be able to get these products so that we can be able to make sure that all the hospitals are well stocked so it’s a good start,” he said.

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  1. This Muchemwa woman seems to be moreof a public relations person for the government than the alleged representation of the Doctors. There are too many Cooks in this health services delivery pot its going to cook forever. Has the health minister failed so much so that the first lady had to be roped in to get to her husband thats not how governments are run.

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