Fastjet sued over handling services


Government-owned ground handling company, National Handling Services (NHS), has approached the High Court seeking an order to compel fastjet Airlines Limited to settle its US$150 000 debt.

Through its lawyers Chihambakwe, Mutizwa and Partners, NHS recently issued summons at the local court, accusing the regional airline of reneging on its contractual obligations signed between the two parties in August 2014.

In its declaration, NHS said it entered into a ground handling agreement with fastjet on August 1, 2014 and that the airline would pay for the services in United States dollars.

Also, the invoices were to be paid on or before the seventh day of each month and in the event that the invoices were not paid within the prescribed time, the overdue amount would attract an interest of US$100 per day until the full amount was paid.

“Pursuant to the agreement, the plaintiff (NHS) rendered ground handling services to the defendant (fastjet) and presented invoices to the defendant for payment. In breach of the terms of the agreement, the defendant failed to honour the discrete invoices rendered by plaintiff and an amount of US$149 018, 27 inclusive of interest up to March 31, 2019, is due and payable,” NHS said.

According to NHS, in terms of clause 11 of the parties’ agreement, fastjet consented to be subjected to the jurisdiction of the local courts in the event that the parties ended up in court.

“Despite demand, the defendant has failed, refused and/or neglected to pay the aforementioned amount. Wherefore, the plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is for payment of US$149 018 and interest on the unpaid balances calculated at the agreed rate of US$100 per day plus cost of suit.”
The matter is pending.

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