Editorial Comment: Chamisa, ED must stop political posturing on dialogue

Editorial Comment

THE need for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to come together and forge a deal that would see the country rescued from the current economic malaise has never been in doubt.

In fact, the deepening economic crisis on the back of the currency confusion afflicting the country has made such a deal more necessary, as the citizens are paying a huge price for the politicians’ pride.

Both Mnangagwa and Chamisa need to go beyond social media posturing and take the bull by the horns because the more they dilly-dally, the more people continue to suffer.

Politicking does not work in such a situation because beyond the politics, these leaders need to really demonstrate in action that they have the welfare of the citizens at heart.

The majority of Zimbabweans, bearing the brunt of the economic meltdown, are now like orphans in a nation with leaders.

While it might be all good for the leaders to portray themselves in a positive light on social media, claiming to have their doors open for dialogue, it is really not on when this is not turned into action on the ground.

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And all the while the population is looking up to the leaders to do something about the economic situation spiralling out of control.

Sticking to entrenched positions — with Mnangagwa insisting he won the last elections fairly and Chamisa insisting otherwise — is not going to help.

Only a compromise can unlock the gridlock. It is not a secret that the country is in a crisis and this demands sober minds that are willing to compromise if a way forward can be found.

With several international bodies such as the European Union and the Southern Africa Development Community having called for dialogue, with several local organisations offering to broker talks between the two political arch-rivals, there is no need why political leaders in the same country cannot find each other for the greater good of the country and its citizens.

We believe now is the time for both Mnangagwa and Chamisa to stand up and be counted. In fact, the mood among the citizens is that if none of the two is willing to sacrifice, the citizens could take things into their own hands. Who knows what will happen if that happens?


  1. In fact, the mood among the citizens is that if none of the two is willing to sacrifice, the citizens could take things into their own hands. Who knows what will happen if that happens?
    WHICH CITIZEN HAS SAID THIS STATEMENT ? Let report responsibly .
    After all its only an office bearer who talks of an open door policy .In this case its ED and not Chamisa . Chamisa should should simply join the dialogue that is in place already . Chamisa is after power which he lost in the elections . He can not set up conditions for the president . He can not say he has an open door because he has no office .

  2. Very correct Mr Editor. Nothing but dialogue and compromise and recognising the suffering of the people is required. The Drought notwithstanding the hardships are just too too much. Now that Chamisa has been nominated to the MDCA Presidency he must excerise his political acumen based on the above while ED must walk the talk and embrace his opposite number for the progress of the nation.
    We remember Joshua Nkomo and Tsvangirai primarily for their ability to put people first. They remain etched in the history of Zimbabwe spacifically for that.
    ED, Chamisa please bring Zimbabwe on a new trajectory if love, peace and forgiveness.

  3. Chamisa is the one who has a problem here. ED called him several times but he refused. He wanted to take the nation for a ride. NC should just accept the facts of ED legitimacy and stop playing politics for the benefit of the nation. Its only that this is how this cartel makes money. they make the country ungovernable and they make money. We are not fools.

  4. zanda shumba

    What should such dialogue aim for. People dont just dialogue for the sake of dialogue. Its not the first time Zimbabweans have coaxed “loosing” candidates to come and help rescue a deteriorating economic situation, with sitting government having absolutely no clue. Its going to be pattern if we continue like this. 2023 it will happen again, those who can rig elections dont know sound economic policies. However when they fail, they blame those outside government, and vilify them for being unpatriotic.
    As long as government is reluctant to deal with corruption then the economic will remain frail. It will not work. Mnangagwa is unable to reign his corrupt comrades in government. Corruption remains number 1 impediment to economic recovery. This ruins investor confidence. So Mr Editor our major battle is with corruption. When people steal elections that is corruption, those who steal are thieves. Chamisa must not throw in his lot with thieves. In the end We will not be able to see difference. ED has already engaged opposition parties, 90% of them. Most of responsibility of economic turnaround should be on the incumbent. And Chamisa shouldnt so impatient and be on the forefront calling for dialogue. He will be labelled power hungry by those who need his help to turn around economy. He should wait until called, but if he jumps the gun he will be sure to be treated like a dog, and whatever dialogue will not benefit Zimbabweans, but will again only strengthen the ruling party.
    In the first place why would anybody steal an election if he is totally unable to govern. Patriotic and noble leaders around the world have resigned soon when they realize they are ineffective. They dont just hang on to power only to blame others for their own shortcomings. They dont wait until ‘push comes to shove’ moments like what Al Bashir did…

  5. Great politicians are generational thinkers whose vision goes beyond the material and power arising from the immediate occupancy/retention of State House. As aptly observed, social media posturing has never been the best way of finding each other. Even social malcontents, save for the mentally-bereft ones like Chiyangwa, Gnimbi and Chivayo, in their acts of deviation, never resort to the social media. It’s now time for these politicians, intelligent I hope, to find each other discreetly and provide much-needed leadership in the country.The country surely deserves better than the shenanigans in South Sudan and Somalia, for example. If Odinga and Kenyatta could do it, why not our own? And, of course, a lot should justifiably be expected from the younger crop of politicians in the country across the political divide.It can only be nothing but foolhardy, extreme stupidity and naivety for young politicians to join their greying counterparts in house window-breaking sessions.Otherwise they risk having no houses to live in in next 10 years.

  6. Compromise….. for who ???? heck no !!! Synergy most definitely. Compromise is 1+1=1/2 While synergy is 1+1=3 or even higher. Politics is a winner takes all kinda sport. Why isn’t Hilary Clinton saying Hey Donny let do dialogue coz I have popular vote and you have electoral college. Chamisa should accept defeat and live to fight another day. Ngaauye kuDialogue.

    1. Dialogue for what purpose? #Chamisa should stay away from those vultures. Let ED run his race and see where it gets him. Simple!

  7. gabarinocheka

    Perhaps there could be an unreasonable hype and expectation on the utility of the envisaged dialogue. That dialogue is no guarantee of either a successful outcome or a sudden reversal of the country’s economic fortunes. If success could be a given, then the more compelling reason for Chamisa to join and justifiably claim credit, and the electorate will not be blind to that reality.Otherwise at this rate of decline, there might be no economy to to talk of a few years down the line, and the younger politicians to take over after the inevitable natural waste of their elder counterparts, will have a real mountain to climb to rebuild the country. Tend to agree that for those in power the dialogue may be a lesser requirement than more prudent, cleaner and transparent economic management to create a more conducive and attractive playing field for both domestic and foreign players.Otherwise at this rate of decline, the future occupants of State House could be superintending a stone-age economy with very little,if any, trace of the industrial era.Signs are already ominous-almost non-functional public service and delivery countrywide, declining productivity across the board, reduced life expectancy, rotting infrastructure etc list just endless

  8. those who want dialogue think Chamisa has the key to the economy,no,he has keys to the harvest house only,if Chamisa want dialogue, let him join others for the greater good of the nation, Chamisa want power through the back door that’s why u here him promising violence, ED must just be ruthless when upholding the constitution, simple

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