ED, fringe parties to launch dialogue


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa will tomorrow officially launch his dialogue with leaders of small opposition parties that contested in last year’s harmonised elections.

Mnangagwa’s initiative excludes his biggest challenger from the MDC, Nelson Chamisa, whose party is boycotting the process, insisting on a neutral convener.

Zanu PF entered into the dialogue with the small parties whose impact at the elections was relatively insignificant. Addressing journalists after a politburo meeting yesterday, Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said they received the progress report on the dialogue from the acting secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa.

“The acting secretary for legal affairs gave a progress report on the political parties dialogue process which is to be officially launched by His Excellency on May 17 (tomorrow), ” Khaya Moyo said.

Asked if Zanu PF discussed the possibility of persuading parties that are boycotting the process, Khaya Moyo said the meeting only discussed the ruling party’s participation alone.

Various organisations, including churches and civil society organisations, have struggled to bring the major parties and other stakeholders to a roundtable to resolve the worsening economic situation in the country.

MDC vowed not to participate, citing the need for an independent mediator and insists that Mnangagwa’s legitimacy must be part of the agenda. The party claims that Mnangagwa stole last year’s vote, aided by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

According to Khaya Moyo, the politburo also discussed the just-ended South African elections where its delegation gave a report, describing the polls as free, fair and credible.

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  1. He can forge ahead but its an exercise in futility, its like running a race alone and declaring yourself a winner – not surprising RGM did it until SADC forced him into a real dialogue that culminated with the GNU.

    1. Chitovah chaicho

      Get your facts together analyse and come up with a better conclusion. In 2008 Tsvangiarai had a better share of parliamentarians and it was meaningless to exclude him as RGM could not implement anything in parliament without MDCs approval. Fastforward to 2018 The motor mouther Chamisa polled a measly number of MPs on the just ended elections. talk of represantation the party with majoority MPS 68% plus is here. the missing is only 32. two thrids constituencies are well represented. Chamisa can go hang a thousand times. we dont care.

      1. mhere desmond

        fuck you

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