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C-TRADE hosts inaugural investor day conference

The 15th of May 2019 will perhaps be the day that will not be forgotten easily in the local capital market as it marked the beginning of communication and dialogue between investors and capital market intermediaries.

The 15th of May 2019 will perhaps be the day that will not be forgotten easily in the local capital market as it marked the beginning of communication and dialogue between investors and capital market intermediaries. The event was held under the theme, ‘Fostering financial inclusion and stimulating economic development through exploiting investment opportunities on Zimbabwe’s capital markets.’

 The C-TRADE investor day conference was meant to foster interactions on unlocking economic value through capital markets. Over 300 delegates comprising market intermediaries, regulatory bodies, high net worth investors, retail investors, potential investors and government officials converged to participate at the conference through presentations, panel discussions and question and answer sessions.

Natalie Jabangwe CEO- Ecocash, Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe CEO, Tafadzwa Chinamo and Rose Mambo CDSC Kenya CEO were amongst the speakers who spoke to the audience about topical issues in the capital markets. The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (Kenya) CEO shared insights on how they have successfully grown Kenya’s investor participation to over 1, 5 million.  The program was designed to include presentations and panel discussions that speak to the needs of the modern investor and all the opportunities and facilities available to them.

The objectives of the event included promoting dialogue amongst all market participants, development partners and investors, sharing various initiatives that address confidence and increased participation in the country’s capital markets while promoting market growth.  Further it was seeking to encourage initiatives that target the previously marginalised segments of the citizenry, to open dialogue on how capital market development can be promoted and to raise awareness of availability of numerous investment options on our capital markets.

Investors being the back-bone of the capital market not only determine the level of activity in the capital market but also the level of activity in the economy. It is imperative for the healthy growth of the economy that investors’ confidence in the market is maintained. There exists a need to cultivate investor knowledge in the marketplace by ensuring an understanding of the investing public in their rights and obligations. Too often, investors are only approached when a company needs more money. This should not be the case. Consistent investor communications and relationship building is a must if the capital market is to fully play its role of lubricating the economy. 

In developing relationships with investors, businesses can benefit from the experience and contacts of investors. If a company is on an investor’s radar, he or she will be more likely to make connections with others who can help the business grow or provide additional resources. With this in mind, there was a panel made up of a cross section of investors who took time to elaborate on their needs as investors on the capital market. These included a need of a wide array of investment products to invest in and investor protection and education among others.

C-TRADE remains committed to providing enhanced solutions for broadening capital markets participation by all eligible investors including the retail and diaspora as well as solidifying the role that capital markets play in a growing economy like ours.  As the Escrow Group CEO aptly put it in his welcome remarks “A single stick may smoke, but it will not burn.”  It takes a collective effort for the capital market to fully play its role of oiling the economy.