‘Brace for more water cuts’


BULAWAYO residents have been warned to brace for more water cuts as the city council seeks US$4,6 million to refurbish its ageing water infrastructure. City engineer Dumisani Gwethe made the warning during a public lecture on Bulawayo’s 125th anniversary on Tuesday.

“The City of Bulawayo will experience more water cuts because the Bulawayo City Council needs US$4,6 million for 2019 because the issue of resources affects council in terms of their water supply to the city,” Gwethe said.

He added that water abstraction from various sources would increase if repair works are carried out.

“The rainfall situation this year was slightly better in February, hence the city abstracts its water supply from; Inyankuni (15 megalitres (mg/l)), Umzingwane (45 megalitres), Upper Ncema abstracts from Lower Ncema by opening the gates of the dams and supplies 60 mg/l. There is potential of 176 megalitres when pumps are redesigned and currently the total water abstraction is 156 megalitres,” he said.

Gwete urged residents to inform council whenever there are funerals for provision of water bowsers.

“There is the need of water infrastructure repairs such as treatment works, pump stations, waste waterworks and reservoir repairs,” he added.

Currently, there is a 48-hour water-rationing programme that was introduced at the beginning of the year.

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