Binga school gets boost


A NON-GOVERNMENTAL organisation, Catholic Aid for Overseas Development (Cafod), has come to the rescue of a Binga school by donating a modern-day water system and sanitary facilities.

Cafod handed over two toilet blocks, one with a flush system and a piped water system, to Malube Secondary School headmaster Nathaniel Ncube recently.

Construction of the water system was made possible after Cafod partnered Caritas and UKAid.

The school, which has three grass-thatched sheds serving as classrooms, has an enrolment of 140 students, including five teachers who take classes up to Form 3.

It is yet to offer Form 4 classes, which Ncube hopes to have achieved by next year.

“At the moment, we are relying on three grass-thatched sheds to carry out our duties. During the rain season, we are forced to dismiss classes due to lack of proper shelter,” he said.

“We are using the few resources we have to build classroom blocks and by next year, we would have gone ahead with our plan.”

The headmaster said the assistance was the beginning of development for the school.

“The development partners have been great. We are thankful for their intervention. We can now offer uninterrupted access to education because of the development that has come our way. Sanitation becomes the beginning of a proper service delivery as it was lacking,” he said.

The school’s plight was circulated through viral pictures that found their way on to social media.

Cafod and its partners in the Match Fund 4 initiative, resultantly considered the school in its projects. Officials said the teachers and community travelled distances of up to 14km to collect water for domestic purposes.

The surrounding community will now be able to benefit from six purified water access points.

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