AMHVoices: Zimbabwe needs a new, better, focused leadership

EVEN though Zanu PF officials vehemently denied unethically taking over control of the distribution of relief aid donated for Cyclone Idai survivors recently, the evidence of Zanu PF-branded vehicles waiting to collect relief items was there for everyone to see.

By Kennedy Kaitano, Our Reader

That is the way Zanu PF had been taught by none other than President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

An authentic video that has emerged that was taken while Mnangagwa was Vice-President exposes him as the chief architect of the Zanu PF nefarious practice of denying MDC supporters any form of assistance.

Mnangagwa is seen ordering Zanu PF officials gathered at a formal party meeting to deny MDC supporters any form of assistance, saying loudly and clearly that MDC supporters’ needs should be addressed at Harvest House.

Mnangagwa, therefore, is only pretending when he says all Zimbabweans should have access to resources because even in his election campaign, food donations and agricultural implements were distributed along partisan lines.

MDC legislators Morgen Komichi and Tabitha Khumalo recently stormed out of a meeting to distribute the cyclone relief aid in Chiredzi when a parliamentary team they were part of came face-to-face with the reality that only Zanu PF supporters had been gathered to receive the aid.

Zimbabwe just needs leadership that is different from Zanu PF to get the country moving again, and the international community should know the kind of “leadership” that the people of Zimbabwe are having to deal with.

With his soiled past, Mnangagwa is just not the right person to take Zimbabwe out of this mess.

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  1. Why do you think he was so over-the-moon with the US$2.5 million cash donation intended for Cyclone Idai victims, a 5yr old who has just received a new set of toys is no match.

  2. That guy is the most useless kind u’ll ever find..its only fortunate for gim bcoz he leads a devided country that cannot unite for any cause..if Zim was to come together in unity they would remove this thug and his goverment at once

  3. document.alert(“I am Hacked.”);so true

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