Action Conference 2019: Speak Out, Step Out, Celebrating Legacy, Unlocking Destiny

Hope and despair

These are two conflicting emotions that many people are facing in the world today. Despair because of the overwhelming brokenness and pressures facing us as society. Hope because, at the end of the day, this is the only thing that millions of people around the world can hold on to.

This may sound like a cliché in today’s “over-churched” society but the only real hope that people can hold onto is found in a relationship with God. An encounter with God, transforms the heart of a man; and this transformed heart begins to Speak Out and Step Out, ultimately impacting the communities around.

The theme for the 31st Celebration Ministries International’s Action Conference is Speak Out, Step Out: Celebrating Legacy, Unlocking Destiny. Action 2019 is about helping us as society get on the front foot and really see us pursue our life-changing destiny birthed in all of us by our Creator.

Hosted by Pastor Tom & Bonnie Deuschle, this year’s Conference is designed to provoke the destinies in our hearts, cause us to step up and begin to re-define the boundaries around us. With a line-up that includes international, regional and local speakers, there is an encounter waiting for anyone willing to test to see ‘what they can do if they partner with God’.

The guest speakers at the Conference are;

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, the founder of The Potter’s House Christian Fellow, CEO of Kingdom Plaza Mall, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. With over 5,000 members in his church, Bishop McLaughlin and The Potter’s House ministry have been acknowledged and awarded by local, state and federal agencies for their outstanding and consistent work towards prisons, healthcare and the poor. Bishop Vaughn understands what is required to step out and speak out – and impact lives.

Pastor Elictia Hart, from Eagle’s Nest Worship Center in Omaha, Nebraska, alongside her husband Pastor James Hart, have re-defined the race and civil rights conversation, spoken out against prejudices and discrimination. They have truly improved the lives of thousands not just in their community but around the world too.

Dr. Hosiah Tagara, the Founder of Beam of Hope Churches International, a network of churches with branches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Canada. His passion is to help people unlock their full potential and unleash them to step out in their field of influence. Many business leaders today attribute their success to the work of Dr. Hosiah.

Pastor Tom Deuschle who 40 years ago stepped onto the soil of Africa, with hope in his heart and to be honest with a vision that seemed foolish to most. The things accomplished in this nation and with God are a testament to what God can do with a man who dares. 40 years on, this Action is a celebration of these 40 years and of lives transformed through his ministry. 

As far as legends go, Pastor Bonnie Deuschle can be considered one the greatest worshippers this country as seen. The music produced by her and the Celebration Choir has been the cornerstone of Celebration Ministries for decades. She is a worshipper who is passionate about seeing people connect with a living, powerful God!

Her passion for worship has opened a door for her music to impact Africa and the world. There is tenacity, fearlessness and drive in everything she does. This is why Pastor Bonnie is connecting with some of the greatest worshippers in Zimbabwe and South Africa to close off Action Conference with the Fearless Praise Concert.

Few words can describe Thembalami, Takesure Zamar, Khaya Mthethwa and Janet Manyowa on one stage, one platform connecting heaven and earth.

Is this just another conference? Maybe for some it is just another event. But for those who will dare – this Action Conference will be a watershed moment. Celebrating Legacy, Unlocking Destiny!.

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