Zanu PF panics over price hikes, denies responsibility


ZANU PF yesterday said it was worried by the wave of price increases in the country and called for urgent measures to be taken to address the situation while denying responsibility for the prevailing situation.

“We are totally opposed to this wave of price increases and for whatever reason, the party is against it. It is affecting the generality of our people and we have actually pointed out this to government and they seem to be also opposed to these unwarranted increases,” the party’s secretary for administration Obert Mpofu said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing regular price increases, particularly for basic goods, with opposition parties and analysts blaming government for failing to contain the situation.

“I am sure government is doing something about it. Something drastic needs to be done to stop this. It is not helping us at all. Whatever the reasons could be, it is unacceptable.

“We are the ruling party and the party is not condoning this. This is really against all party objectives and principles and I know government is against it as well,” he said, adding that the effects would be dire, especially for the majority who earn meagre wages.

Mpofu said they were currently studying the trends with a view to coming up with a party position.

The former Home Affairs minister charged that businesses must explain the cost drivers because some expenses, such as electricity and other ingredients, have remained constant.

Asked why the government, which the ruling party has dominated over the past 39 years, has failed to bring about an enabling environment, Mpofu said the fact that they are speaking means that they are not happy with the situation.

He said if their calls were not heeded, then measures would follow.

“This is Zanu PF speaking and we are against these price increases. It is not the government that is increasing prices, it is individuals for whatever reasons. We are saying as a ruling party, these are unjustified and unacceptable,” Mpofu said.

“If what we are saying is not listened to, then we will let you know of what measures we are going to take to ensure that people in the market place are responsive to people’s needs.

“We are going to go by what people want and I am sure government is doing its best to contain this wave of price increases.”

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  1. Mpofu should be reminded of the unhealthy conflation between Zanupf and Government aided by its majority in Parliament thus they must shed crocodile tears. Through its Head of Parliament zanupf increased fuel prices by a whooping 150%, business is just responding to that 8.5 earth quake, you cant have your cake and eat it as the old saying goes.

  2. Take action now because the situation is now worse before 30 july 2018 Zimbabweans were

    enjoying then after 30 August the situation started to press the ordinary Citizens as the Government do you ask yourselves what are the drivers of this

  3. The reason is the government OM… simple. Politics created this economic problems therefore, for this country to move forward it needs political solution. Anything besides that its cosmetic solutions. You might run like headless chickens to whichever country, continent or organisation its not going to bring normalcy. If you cant sit down talk and listen to your own blood brothers and sister who else out there would listen to you. Do the right thing guys. We thought you learnt a lesson from Mugabe.

  4. thought he had gone

    is that fat shit obert mpofu still around ?

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