White farmer shoots employee


A CHIPINGE white commercial farmer, who allegedly shot his employee, told the court that he had mistaken him for a stray dog.

Joubert Francois Johannes (36), of Lushof Farm, appeared before Chipinge magistrate Joshua Nembaware last week and pleaded not guilty to negligently causing serious bodily harm to the employee.

In his defence, Johannes said he did not intend to shoot the complainant, Frank Fuyana, but mistook him for a stray dog.

“It was drizzling and there was mist so I didn’t see the complainant,” Johannes said, before applying for discharge at the close of the State’s case through his lawyer Langton Mhungu.

The complainant, Fuyana, also appeared to be exonerating his boss in his evidence-in-chief after he said Johannes mistakenly shot him as he wanted to shoot stray dogs which had invaded his farm.

However, Nembaware ruled that Johannes had a case to answer and should be placed on his defence.

The case continues tomorrow.

Prosecutor Gift Bikita told the court that on October 5 last year, Johannes and his employee, Fuyana were under a dairy shed at around 6am.

Johannes then saw stray dogs which had entered his kraal and went to his farm house to collect his shotgun.

At the same time, Fuyana also left the shed going to the guardroom, where he wanted to prepare a meal.

When the farmer returned, he fired at the stray dogs, killing one instantly and another bullet reportedly strayed and hit Fuyana on the stomach and he suffered serious injuries.
He was rushed to hospital, where he was admitted and the bullet was removed.

A report was made to the police, leading to Johannes’ arrest.

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  1. No case here. Pure negligence at worst. Even the victim is siding with his boss.

  2. Why does it have to be “white farmer”? What’s wrong with just saying “Farmer shoots employee”. If it was a black farmer who shot an employee could it could have read “black farmer shoots employee”?

  3. Seriously how short is this guy to be mistaken for a dog??? You can be mistaken for a taller animal atleast not a dog. He is siding with his employer because if he accuses him them pay hapasisina. Case to answer apo!

  4. THIS WASN’T A MISTAKE…THIS WAS INTENTIONAL. I know how these white people folks think, don’t let them fool you. In America white cops are systematically killing innocent black people..don’t view white people from a ‘ black people’s ‘perspective; listen to what some white people even say about themselves, they know how they are like…this was intentional and racial…LET THE POLICE INVESTIGATE HIS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS, FACEBOOK GROUPS,REDDIT..they will find that he planned this a while before and bragged about it on a ‘white supremacy group’

    I have followed and studied these kind of cases, in USA, SA; he had every intent of shotting him and then use ‘plausible deniability’. This fool will pay dearly for what he has done, I will make sure of it.

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