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Wasu to quit music



VETERAN dancer and musician Primrose “Wasu Dacoda” Makwame said she was contemplating exiting from music because it was no longer profitable for her.

Wasu told NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of her Independence Day show at Mzansi Lounge in Mvurwi that she was looking for a formal job and was getting ready to end her music career this year.

“I am prepared to leave the music industry this year because it is no longer profitable. l am looking for a formal job as soon as l get it, l will leave this industry. The economy is no longer favourable for the industry,” she said.

With two albums to her name – Chiiteite and Lory — and another, Kumazivandadzoka, on its way, the musician said she was content with her achievement in music so far.

“As Wasu and the Syndicate group, we have recorded three albums. Even if l leave the industry today, at least my fans have something to keep remembering me with. l have experienced both dancing and singing, so nothing is new to me. l need to rest by year end,” she said.

Wasu’s dancing during the show left fans clamouring for more. She was supported by Mvurwi-based Zimdancehall artiste Brianmore Chipara, popularly known as Ding, who also kept fans on their toes with his single tracks.

Some suspected hooligans, however, caused mayhem at the entrance after refusing to pay the $1 admission fee and were subsequently whisked away by the police.

Mzansi proprietor and music promoter Prince Chipende bemoaned hooliganism at shows.

“It is so disturbing to see hooligans attending shows and try to disrupt proceeding just because they do not have money, it is better not to attend shows if you do not have money,” Chipende said.

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