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Slomo deserted by band members just before show



SUNGURA musician Franco “Slomo” Dhaka (pictured) of Extra Kwazvose was reportedly deserted by his band members hours before his Mvurwi show on Saturday night.

Slomo was scheduled to perform at Dendere Nightclub in Mvurwi. He had already been paid $450 in advance by club proprietor Shingirai Run’anga.

Run’anga expressed his disappointment as he told NewsDay Life & Style that the musician lacked professionalism as he failed to return the money after the show flopped.

“We are saddened by Slomo’s behaviour. He asked for ZWL$450 upfront and I gave him, only to tell me that his members had deserted him hours before the show and people around Mvurwi had travelled for the show, only to be disappointed. That is serious lack of professionalism,” Run’anga fumed.

“I subsequently told him to return my money. Unfortunately, he managed to return only ZWL$150 while giving a lot of excuses.”

Contacted for comment, Slomo confirmed the incident, saying he was having a gentlemen’s agreement with Run’anga so that he compensates him.

“Something went wrong, my guy. You know in the music industry, some people lose focus in the last minute, but I am cool with Run’anga. We are sorting our differences in a smart way (sic),” he said.

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