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Recent Updates On The Antonio Conte VS Chelsea Case


It is needless to state that Antonio Conte is amongst the most influential and honoured football players of his time. The Italian footballer soon began his career as a football coach when his days on the football field came to an end.

The celebrated player and coach became the talk of the town a few days ago because of the battle going on between him and his former employee Chelsea. Antonio Conte claimed that Chelsea owed him a huge sum of money totally up to nearly nine million pounds. Heart bingo revealed that the main issue between the two parties was the fact that Chelsea claimed Antonio Conte had not respected the terms of the contract and does not deserve to be paid this amount of money.

However, on the other hand, Antonio Conte continues to refuse these allegations and wants the amount of 9 million pounds paid to him. He stated that he deserves to be paid for the twelve months of services he provided for the Chelsea club. Both the parties could not reach an agreement and made big news over the media. The fans and followers of the Chelsea club and the player come coach Antonio Conte were deeply involved throughout the process.

This dispute has been going on for nearly eight months now. Both the sides are adamant and are sticking to their point of view on the matter. Therefore any efforts or advancements made to try and resolve the matter have gone to vain. When the parties failed to take care of the matter by themselves, it was decided that the matter will be taken to the High Court. Now that the matter is being overlooked and trying to be solved through the legal channels, both parties are working hard to defend themselves and prove their points.

As per the latest news from close sources, Antonio Conte has presented his side of the story in front of the High Court. He denies any allegations of misconduct and misbehaviour towards the team or the staff members of Chelsea Club. He states that he was loyal to the Chelsea Club and served them with good intentions. Therefore the amount of nine million pounds is his right and Chelsea Club has no right to deny any payments to him.

On the other hand, the Chelsea Club presents Antonio’s text messages to the Diego Costa as a proof that he did not want to be a part of Chelsea Club anymore and that his loyalties and services were questionable. The case was presented in front of a three-person chair. After Chelsea Club was done with presenting their arguments, Antonio Conte was asked to present his facts today.

Now that both the involved personals have built up their cases and supported their respective claims, it is soon expected that the decision of the eight-month dispute will be made and announced soon. It is a good thing that this dispute, which seemed to be never-ending, is finally going to be laid to rest once and for all.

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