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NAAZ sets standards for national coaching


By Freeman Makopa

The National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe (NAAZ) has resolved to upgrade the standards for national coaching to help produce quality athletes.

NAAZ president Tendai Tagara told NewsDaySport that with effect from July 1 this year, coaches without international qualifications will not be allowed to handle national teams.

“With the outstanding performance and well-oiled display of technical officiating displayed at the recent (National Association of Secondary School Heads) NASH and National Association of Primary School Heads) NAPH competition which ran in Gweru from March 26 to 28 at Midlands Christian College, NAAZ have resolved at their first quarter meeting that with effect from 1 July 2019 no coach without international qualifications will be allowed to handle a team at national level,” he said.

He also said even coaches at schools level will be encouraged to attend necessary coaching courses.

“This also implies that those who handle our kids at NADH and NAPH next year should be qualified, for us to up the game in terms of performance. We are giving time so that those who want to comply can do so by attending an international course lined up from April 7 to 16.”

Tagara said the new resolutions were inspired by the need to protect the physiological needs of athletes.

“The high level of competitiveness shows that all coaches who are qualified are working. However, we were concerned with the presence of untrained coaches who do not understand that coaching is science-based and need to protect the physiological needs of the body at work, especially regarding the overworking of athletes.”

He noted that there is a marked difference between the way a qualified coach conducts himself compared to what an untrained coach would do.

“As I discuss with trained coaches you would hear them talking of resting athletes who have picked injuries, but untrained continue to push them. This must come to an end. We want to thank NAPH and NASH for providing our youth and juniors such a great platform for excellent performance.”

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