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Mwenezi whizkid seeks financial assistance


Praise Sombe

BY Admire Jamu-Mlambo

AN 18-year-old Mwenezi whizkid is seeking financial assistance to enable him to proceed to university.

After scoring 23 points at “A” Level in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics and Geography at Mwenezi High School, Praise Sombe cannot proceed to university because his unemployed mother cannot afford to further his studies.

Sombe sat for his “A” Levels in 2018 with the assistance of government’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) programme.

“The introduction of the government-sponsored Stem programme helped me a lot because I had challenges in paying school fees. I managed to score 23 points at ‘A’ Level, but my biggest challenge now is money to proceed to university,” he said.

Sombe secured a place at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust), hoping to study for a degree in actuarial science, but he failed to register after failing to raise the fees of $486 per semester.

Currently, he is living in Masvingo town, together with his unemployed mother, Nyaradzai Chauruka.

“I applied for a place at Nust, but I failed to raise $486 needed per semester. My mother is not employed and my stepfather is a gold panner,” he said.

Sombe’s mother has been struggling to send him to school.

He was given free education from 2013 to 2016 while at Ndarama High School in Masvingo, where he passed his “O” Level with 12As. Those seeking to assist may contact him on 0778 857 718, his mother Nyaradzai Chauruka 0771 327 353 or Mwenezi High School head, a Mr Chuma on 0772 260 521.

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