Mealie meal prices to go up


AN increase in the price of maize meal is imminent due to the rise in the cost of procuring grain, an industry official has said.

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairman, Tafadzwa Musarara told journalists on the sidelines of a meeting with Southern Region Millers in Bulawayo, that the cost of maize had gone up by close to 70%.

Masarara said: “There is going to be an increase, we can’t stomach the 70%.Today’s meeting was to discuss the next maize meal prices. We have agreed on the new prices and when we are going to increase it, but we cannot announce it to you before we inform the government about it.

“South America gives us maize. We think South America is going to be our biggest source of maize coming this season. We are not quite sure of how much they will be able to export to us given the disturbances in Venezuela.

“However, our first priority is the region so I will be leading a delegation to Zambia and South Africa to see how much maize we can get in the region. If there is any excess required then we will approach the Southern Americans.”

Maize is the main staple food crop in Zimbabwe. The country’s annual maize requirement for human consumption is around 1,6 million tonnes, while 300 000 tonnes is required for livestock feed.

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  1. But I thought we had enough maize from the previous good season.

    1. the previous good season was 2016-2017. 2017-2018 wasnt that good as the champions of command agric which stabilized our grain reserves were put under the axe. all efforts were deployed to suffocate the initiative for political mileage by the powers of the day. Deployment and collection of inputs was indefinitely deferred. The surplus from the previous bumper harvests sustained us through to date. including about 6 months cover remaining in our storage facilities. We will therefore import. the pegged price of 726 per tonne dovetails well with the landed costs per tonne from other countries. SO we are prepared!!!

      1. When will we learn

        So the Zanu-PF ‘powers of the day’ screwed the general population again?

  2. These are the kind of reports that cause unnecessary rush to stock up stuff. It would be useful even for the GMZ to quietly implement the increases after their engagements with government so that people only notice the new prices when shopping.

    1. you are clue-free

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