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MDC MP shoots Zanu PF youth, arrested



Warren Park legislator Shakespear Hamauswa (MDC Alliance) and the party’s deputy youth chairperson Shakespear Mukoyi have been arrested on charges of shooting a Zanu PF district youth chairperson with an AK47 rifle.

According to the duo’s lawyer, Obey Shava, Mukoyi was arrested on Monday and Hamauswa on Tuesday by officers from the Law and Order Section, but the duo was released into his custody.

Shava said the two are facing attempted murder charges and the police told him that they will proceed by way of summons when the investigations are complete.

The duo is accused of shooting one Voyage, who is said to be Zanu PF youth chairperson on January 16 during the nationwide strike which was organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions over fuel price hikes. It is alleged that the duo was wearing army uniforms when they shot the victim.

“The police alleged that the duo fired live ammunition towards the Zanu PF youth chairperson named Voyage and immediately after committing the offence, they disappeared. The two were recorded a warned and cautioned statement,” Shava, a member of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said.

“The accused people are denying the allegations and they are saying the charges are politically-motivated and malicious, in essence that they are saying they never wore army uniforms or held an AK47 riffle in their lifetime.”

Over 1 000 suspected protesters were arrested during the time and only 375 were convicted by the courts around the country.

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