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Matanga urges citizens to value peace



Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has said Zimbabweans should value the prevailing peace in the country because some countries have been ravaged by violence and anarchy.

Addressing contingents of police officers who were returning from an international peace-keeping mission in Darfur, Western Sudan, Matanga said the instability being experienced in other war-torn countries should serve as a lesson for Zimbabwe.

“As an organisation, we have learnt essential lessons from the returning officers from conflict-torn countries. One such lesson is that conflicts by their nature destroy people’s lives, social structures and national infrastructure and above all, result in catastrophic economic meltdown,” Matanga said.

“It is for this reason that as police, we are constantly encouraging all Zimbabweans to cherish the need for peace, unity and love.”

Matanga said Zimbabweans should safeguard the gains of the country’s independence.

“Zimbabwe is our country together, we share the same destiny and heritage. Let us, therefore, as a nation safeguard the gains of our independence and live in peace,” he said.

“The country has set agenda 2030 where, as a nation, we seek to transform our economy to an upper middle income status. This entails everyone putting shoulders to the wheel. On our part as police, the task is even more demanding. We have to foster and guarantee a peaceful and tranquil environment, which is vital for economic growth.”

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