Lecturer jailed 12 years for raping student


A 23-YEAR-OLD lecturer at a little-known Harare college was last Friday sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for raping a student.

The convict pleaded not guilty when he appeared before magistrate Gloria Takundwa, who, however, found him guilty and suspended four years on condition of good behaviour.

He will serve eight years jail time. In convicting him, Takundwa said he considered the age of the convict to arrive at the sentence. He also said the sentence needed to send a stern warning to would-be offenders who prey on students.

The court heard that on February 15, while at the college premises in the central business district, the convict asked the 19-year-old complainant (name withheld to protect her identity) not to call him “Sir”, but daddy, honey or sweety.

The complainant then went home and started communicating with the abusive lecturer over the phone and the following morning he tried to kiss and fondle her breast, but she refused.

The court further heard that on February 20, the convict asked the complainant to remain behind after a lecture and she complied. He then ordered her to accompany him to the reception area where he locked the door and raped her.

She bolted out of the room, leaving behind her satchel. She then narrated her ordeal to the first police officer she met. The officer told her to proceed to the police base along First Street.

The convict was arrested within 30 minutes of committing the offence and the complainant was referred to the hospital for medical examination.

Chipo Matambo appeared for the State.

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  1. I don’t see rape there

    1. Are you blind

  2. At Jari,,,,if the act is done without the other part’s consent then thats what is rape, that’s why rape can be found between husband and wife,

  3. I think some other men are just suffering in jail because of fabricated rape cases. These two people were in good books,if the lady was against it after the lecturer told her not to address him as sir but,honey or sweetie she was supposed to keep a distance from him ,but instead they went further to communicate over that night what were they talking considering that their relationship was that of lecturer and student. Further on the next day she was told to stay behind whilst some other students were going out and she complied why? At 19 she was supposed to see what was coming.

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