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KBFMG bounces back



LOCAL hip hop and Afro beats group KBFMG — Kambuzuma’s Finest Music Group — have bounced back on stage following public demand.

The group released their comeback single, Carry Go and its accompanying video on Saturday.

Group founder and music producer, Elvis ‘Q Bar’ Muziva, described their music as a calling and promised more good music.

“We felt like we need to frequently release music and we actually realised it is our calling because in 2015 we were at a point where we thought this music industry wasn’t meant for us after we released Dzika after no one had given us attention. But six months later, in January 2016, a local radio DJ located our track and they have been playing it. There has been an overwhelming response from listeners,” he said.

Q Bar said the development inspired them to produce more music, starting with Carry Go.

“I made the instrument thinking of making a love song, but I didn’t have the words for it. After I made the beat I listened to it and while listening to it, that’s when the words came and they blended well with the beat,” he said.

“Carry Go is an Afro vibe song with a sample guitar from Jay-Z and Beyoncé Bonnie and Clyde. It’s a fantasy love song which talks about a boy and a girl who met at a certain place. The boy insists to follow the girl everywhere (carry go), whenever the girl wanted.”

The group joined the music industry in 2013, it had 11 members, but now has four members, Q bar, TeeSimz, Igotem and McKain who is based in South Africa.

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