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JCMC pushing local artistes onto global stage



JACARANDA Culture and Media Corporation administrative director Tinashe Kitchen last week said his organisation would leave no stone unturned in its quest to put Zimbabwe’s artistes on the global map through their various initiatives which have attracted many young people.

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Kitchen said the arts and culture were part of “an extremely dynamic and challenging sector”, but through programmes such as the highly successful Dreamstar Talent search show, they have given young artistes the wings to fly.

Kitchen said their events were premised on the celebration of Zimbabwean culture and the promotion of local talent.

“We believe that the arts in Zimbabwe suffer from a significant lack of financial investment and institutional support that is required to provide platforms for development. As such, we seek to convey the message to all members of Zimbabwean society that the arts have the potential to provide growth and development if provided with adequate support and freedom to do so,” he said.

Jakaranda has been running an intensive grooming programme during camps for the annual tours to China and other such events.

JCMC was also alive to the current social, economic and political climate in the country, which called for innovation in the delivery of solutions to the various challenges facing the country.

“JCMC programmes are dynamic, embrace the youth, promote creativity and foster international relations, particularly with our comprehensive partners the
Chinese, to provide sustainable and far-reaching outputs for our current and future generations,” he said.

Kitchen noted that the arts and culture sector needed to be treated as an economic hub just like in other countries so that it benefits individual artistes and the country’s economy.

“The arts offer a significant sector of economic activity that requires more deliberate and active investment if it is to contribute to greater economic recovery. Our experiences in China have shown us just how valuable and significant the arts can be if they are treated seriously, not to mention their ability to inform society of pertinent issues that we need to address,” he said.

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