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Facebook To Impose Ban On White Nationalism And Separatism


Facebook is undoubtedly the most used social media platform on a global scale. One of the recent decisions that have gained a lot of praise from people and groups like Heart Bingo is the fact that Facebook has finally decided to take a stand against separatism and white nationalism.

Facebook has been in the news lately for its efforts to improve its standards and services. Now that an official announcement has been made, the users of the platform and analysts seem to be in the favour of this decision. Facebook is being commended not only for the fact that it has decided to take a step to separate white supremacy and white nationalism from nationalism but is also arranging help for the people who seem to be searching for these offensive terms.

Facebook has been very vocal about their efforts to stand up against terrorism and separatism over the last couple of months. Therefore such a step and decision was anticipated. As per the current blog that was made public on Wednesday, Facebook has decided to work on their identification algorithms to identify and keep track of material posted by terrorist groups so that it can be appropriate. Any user that seems to be searching for this type of content will be helped by directing him to relevant channels through which he can be helped.

Thus, Facebook needs to be commended and appraised for not only its efforts to stop the spread of such harmful content through its platform but also because it wishes to help the people who seem to have been affected by it. The decision to ban white nationalism required a lot of research. It is very hard to draw the line between white supremacy and nationalism. It is easy to confuse the posts about white supremacy with American pride.

Facebook recently got under the spotlight when a terrorist streamed the shooting and killing of people in a mosque in New Zealand. The stream was issued live on Facebook by the user and a huge number of people from all around the world witnessed the massacre live as it happened. Soon after the sad incident, many people rose against the social media platforms and demanded they take more responsibility for their responsibilities for the content that is being shared and circulated via their platform.

The major issue regarding the content shared on social media platforms especially the ones with the largest number of users such as Facebook is the fact that even if the content is taken down it is always too late and the damage seems to be already done. Same was the case with the live stream of the mosque attacks in New Zealand. Before Facebook could take any action and take down the video, nearly four thousand people had already viewed it. Moreover, despite the fact that the content is taken down, the downloaded copies are still readily available and there is nothing that can be done about them.

In the given scenario, this decision is commendable and is getting a lot of praise and respect from everyone.

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