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‘Economy will resurrect like Jesus’



PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is hopeful that the comatose economy taking a beating from rising inflation, shortage of critical foreign currency, collapsing public services and disgruntled labour will resurrect in the same manner Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Mnangagwa in his Easter holiday message posted on his official Twitter account said the current hardships Zimbabwe is facing were coming from forces of darkness.

“In Zimbabwe, we are currently undergoing our own struggle of light over darkness. As we walk the road of transformation and reform, we are guided by our Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings of forgiveness, peace, love and take comfort from his victory,” Mnangagwa said.

The general populace is struggling to eke a living following a sharp increase in prices of basic commodities, including bread, mealie-meal and fuel against a diminishing disposable income.

Government has warned business that action will soon be taken against them for wanton price increases described by the President as “cruel and inhumane”.

Mnangawa said all this was just a passing phase, which will be overcome as his government implements the Transitional Stabilisation Programme.

“For a while the challenges we face are significant, we are resolute in our faith that with hard work, sacrifice and unity we too will triumph. May the
Almighty protect and bless our land,” Mnangagwa said.

Opposition MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa, who took to his rural home in Masvingo for the Easter holidays, said it was time to reflect and forgive.

“Easter is about forgiveness, sacrifice, hope and triumph on the cross. Jesus Christ died for us to enjoy the fruits of salvation; his death, burial and resurrection mean that we have a hope of heaven and life eternal. Zimbabwe shall be saved,” CO

Opposition parties have called on Mnangagwa to allow for open and genuine political dialogue and discuss his legitimacy, while implementing genuine legislative reforms as the only way to end economic collapse in the country.

Chamisa has snubbed dialogue between Mnangagwa and all presidential candidates in last year’s elections, arguing he would only be part of a dialogue process mediated by a neutral mediator and on neutral ground.

The youthful opposition leader said unless the underlying problems, which he said includes disputed elections, reform of the security sector and respect for human rights are dealt with, the economic woes would continue.

“They are bringing artificial answers to the deep-seated problems, they are not attacking the problem, the issue is about consistence of policy, confidence in the market, predictability, dealing with political and economic noise,” he said.

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