‘Don’t blame Zanu PF for poor economy’

Zanu PF has denied responsibility over the deteriorating economy in the country and blamed economic sabotage by enemies for the meltdown.


This is despite Zanu PF having been in charge for the past 39 years and only shared power during the unity government with the MDC between 2009 and 2013, a period credited with reviving and stabilising the economy.

War veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya, who is also a politburo member said anyone was bound to fail in the position of leadership in the toxic political situation that country is experiencing.

Instead, Mahiya appealed to all political parties to unite and deal with the deteriorating economic situation which has left the majority of the citizens living in poverty.

“It is not the fault of the ruling party or government, but it is the fault of the enemy who has made inroads and advanced in tactics to ensure that the economy doesn’t perform because of sanctions and many other issues that are being unleashed to the Zimbabwean people,” Mahiya said.

“It is up to us as a nation to advance and force the enemy to retreat by uniting. It is time to unite and set aside our differences and confront the enemy so that we achieve our goals and at least have food on our tables.”

Without unity, Mahiya said, enemies could easily take advantage because the country will be exposed.

This comes at a time when minor political parties are involved in talks with the ruling Zanu PF to chart the way forward, but analysts say the absence of MDC from the dialogue renders the process pointless.

Mahiya said the country has not been able to attract the much-needed foreign direct investment because of disunity in the country. Challenged on why Zanu PF as a ruling party refuses to accept responsibility for how it was running the country, Mahiya said even if another party gets into power, it will be difficult to achieve all its goals because of the nature of politics.

Of late, Zanu PF has been blaming the western-imposed sanctions for the political decay in the country. The MDC, however, claim corruption and clueless governance was responsible for the meltdown.

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  1. president mnangagwa of zimbabwe does not care he owns most mines in zim he does not want to allow zimbabweans to adopt rand because he is benefiting selling diamond and gold to his friends chinese and russians mnangwa must go zimbabwean most ministers own all while people have nothing let these people go

  2. Lets us have a different leader and party taking over and let us see if there will not be a better change for Zimbabwe.
    Honestly how can you be speaking of a mystical enemy when you the rulers are the core enemy of the people.

    you talk of bread on the table but look at your cheeks now compared to when you were a mere member of the war verts.

    You have all the bread on your table taken from all other tables of other Zimbabweans.

    We know who our enemy is don’t invent one for us. You guys in leadership are the enemy full stop. you sending us to chase shadows when you are busy milking the country dry.

  3. if it is the act of the enemy to sabotage the economy, why did you remove Mugabe if you did not have strategy to take the country out of the woods.you do not have the capacity to turn around the fortunes of this country. Invite those who are capable or you are likely to face the same fate which Mugabe faced

    1. Mahiya is made. Sanctions have nothing to do with this. These guys looted to a point that individuals are richer than Zimbabwe. They inherited a good economy from the Rhodis and they started looting it. Look at reality in 1980 the Zimbabwe dollar was more powerful than the US dollar we do not talk about regional currencies but because of being unfaithful they destroyed everything. A made stood at some point and said the 2019 Zim currency was the strongest in the region, what does this show, stupidity at its highest form. You may not agree with me and you do not need to but find out about Zim Dollar in 1980, you can google this.

  4. Mahiya is made. Sanctions have nothing to do with his claims. Rhodesia at one point was under sanctions but the situation did not get to this point. As long as they do not accept responsibility it shows that they can not be fished from lies.

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