Chipinge white farmer’s case takes new twist


A CHIPINGE white commercial farmer, who allegedly shot his employee after allegedly mistaking him for a stray dog has applied for inspection in loco after blaming the victim for the incident.

Joubert Francois Johannes (36) of Lushof Farm, pleaded not guilty to negligently causing serious bodily harm to his employee when his trial started before Chipinge magistrate, Joshua Nembaware.

In his defence, Johannes said he did not intend to shoot the complainant, Frank Fuyana, but mistook him for a stray dog.

Yesterday, he was back in court blaming Fuyana for the shooting mishap.

“The complainant is the one who made a mistake by not being at his usual workplace at the time of the shooting. I was not negligent at all; it’s the complainant who is to blame. Had the complainant not moved away from his usual workplace, he wouldn’t have been shot,” Johannes said.

After testifying, Johannes’ defence counsel then applied to the court for an inspection in loco to which Nembaware acceded to and scheduled it for next week before he delivers his judgment. ads Ads

Prosecutor Gift Bikita told the court that on October 5 last year, Johannes and his employee, Fuyana were under a dairy shed at around 6am.

Johannes then saw stray dogs which had entered his kraal and took his shotgun.

At the same time, Fuyana also left the shed going to the guardroom, where he wanted to prepare a meal.

When the farmer returned, he fired at the stray dogs, killing one instantly and another bullet reportedly strayed and hit Fuyana on the stomach and he suffered serious injuries.

He was rushed to hospital, where he was admitted and the bullet removed.

A report was made to the police, leading to Johannes’ arrest.

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  1. A was the first to mention that this was racially motivated, white people are inherently and helplessly racist, and since the fall of Mugabe, their same old pathetic colors are starting to show: in SA there are countless stories of them killing blacks, ‘accidentally’ or otherwise. He pulls the trigger and still has the audacity to blame and accuse the victim who got shot, white ‘Rhodesians’ have no regard for black peoples lives:the same countless ‘accidents’ happen in USA, where white cops make mistakes when the suspect is black.

    It’s a grave mistake to judge them as blacks, he has no remorse and no regret for shotting an innocent man, to him the important thing is getting away with it. I secretly joined a social media group of white Rhodesians, to them killing a dog is the same as killing a black man.

    And the sad thing is that the naive and stupid judge will let him get away with this: there will be more of these cases as Mnangagwa pathetically betrays us in attempting to please the west.


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