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Chinese firm unveils medical sanitary ware at ZITF


By Richard Muponde/ Sharon Sibindi

New Chinese sanitary pads and pant liners with medical effects capable of cleaning fallopian tubes and balance female sex hormones for women to conceive, have taken the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo by storm.

The sanitary wear is also accompanied by a free feminine health self-examination card used to examine genitals for other infections.

In an interview at the ZITF, Tiens health consultant Jean Murambiwa said the sanitary pads and pant liners selling as Airiz had both negative and positive ions which bar the breading of gems and bacteria around the genitalia.

“They also allow the uterus to breath and have free blood circulation. They help in the reproductive system by cleaning the uterine tubes and balancing of hormones. They also cure menstrual period pains and prevent the development of uterus cysts and fibroids,” Murambiwa said.

She added that the sanitary wear was also good for women who had difficulties in conceiving, as they activate hormones and clear blocked uterine tubes.

“We have women who had problems with conceiving, but have now conceived after using these pads and pant liners, as they detoxicate the uterus.

“They are also accompanied by a free tester, to see whether there’s bacteria in the uterus or not,” she said.

Murambiwa said their products were a hit with Harare women, with the majority now using them during their monthly menstrual cycles, adding Bulawayo was also coming up in terms of demand for the product.

“Those who have had a chance to use them are phoning us, demanding that we open a branch here in Bulawayo. We are currently considering setting up base since our products have become a hit after only a day of exhibition,” she said.

Murambiwa said they also had herbal medicine for men, which can activate the production of testosterone hormone and prevent prostate cancer.

“Tiens Galaxs is a 100% natural product for me, and that makes them feel fresh through the most important androgen called testosterone. Galaxs has no side-effects and is safe to drink on a daily basis. It’s called security for men,” she said. Tiens is Chinese herbal healthcare giant with 40 companies operating in Africa.

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