Chamisa pleads with Sadc


OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, who recently embarked on a regional diplomatic offensive to sound Sadc leaders on Zimbabwe’s worsening political and economic crisis, has pleaded with the bloc to heed his party’s distress call.

“We feel that there has been an attempt on the part of Sadc, the chairperson of Sadc, the President of Namibia [Hage Heingob], to listen to one side. We feel that in order to have a perfect picture of what is happening in Zimbabwe, you must have a perspective from both sides. They must also listen to the MDC and not just Zanu PF,” he

Chamisa said his party would continue to knock on the doors of African leaders and influential politicians to push the Zimbabwean agenda so that the political impasse is resolved.

He was recently in Botswana, where he was lobbying influential political leaders in an effort to have Zimbabwe’s political and economic challenges placed on the Sadc agenda.

In Gaborone, he reportedly met with senior government officials, ruling party members, former President Ian Khama and opposition leaders, where he apprised them on problems in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa said he used the Botswana trip to seek African solutions to the Zimbabwean problems.

“Had a hugely enriching engagement with HE Ian Khama, the former President of the Republic of Botswana, so fulfilling to tap and drink from his well of wisdom, fixing African problems to make all African countries citadels of democracy and prosperity is key,” he said.

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said his boss was firming his diplomatic offensive and would continue to knock on the doors of all influential African leaders to ensure that the problem in Zimbabwe does not degenerate into chaos.

“President Chamisa is concerned about Zimbabwe, thus he is engaging in diplomacy on the African continent, as underpinned by essential ideas that Zimbabwe is part of a bigger African family, African counsel and support are fundamental,” Sibanda said.

Chamisa has so far met with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and is looking forward to a meeting with Geingob, both believed to be sympathetic to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Both Sadc and the African Union have backed Mnangagwa’s call for the unconditional lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe, and have not censored government’s recent violent crackdown on protesters, leaving Chamisa hanging out to dry.


  1. Matambo SIlvester

    This guy is just an attention seeking goon, nothing will come out of the so-called diplomatic offensive

    1. Henry Chimere

      Is he not the same guy who all along has despised the African Leadership, the SADC and AU while in the process running to the US for intervention into the african affairs?

  2. Comment…if chamisa is concerned about the ‘deteriorating’situation in Zimbabwe he should join the dialogue other progressive parties are instituting not grandstanding at the doors of other countries.


      KKKK dialogue naani. ari saani. asi na sekuru tau hazvisi kubuda kani. chimboitai

      1. and you we continue to suffer no matter kuti you support your childish leader or not. For some it takes a life time to realize that this stubborn politicking is hurting them and their families.

        If you failed to make money during the inclusive government period uchenjere kuchembera usina cheku siira vana all in the name of supporting Chamisa

  3. Mufaro Shumba

    The travel and hotel expenses would be better used to help Idai Cyclone victims. SADC is a waste of time and failed strategy tried over and over gain with the same results. Time for Mwozora or Engineer Mudzuri to take over

  4. Comment…diplomatic offensive, my foot. What came out the so-called offensive

  5. Only a stupid person loves ds polarization to continue, hoo u are in your comfort ku SA, mirai mupiswe en u will knw kuti dialogue, is the ibly way investors can take us seriously, not dat mfana ane power but he has dat a united Zim is better, zvake zve inferiority complex wen it comes to Zim, zvese kungoda ma external, sanctions u went external, wadyiwa ma election ukuda external person again we have churches here sympathetic to Mdc, y can u trust em after all ey are in twn u lead, NHAMO IYI HAINA ZANU, MDC IS SUFFERING MORE, ZANU NDEYE KUMUSHA CHIKURU ISADZA EVRTIN US LUXURY

  6. This boy is heartless and blindfolded by the love of power.

    Tsvangirai tried it since 2000 only to realize the importance of dialogue in 2008. Had he not came to his senses he might have died without ever being a PM.

    This boy is blindly following his predecessor’s foot steps. The time will come when you realize joining hands for the sake of zimbabwe is the best but this croco guy may not open the doors for you by then.

    Imagine someone who completed proffessional studies in 2000. They have lost close to 20yrs of nothing due to politicians who think they are the best thing to ever happen to zimbabwe. When a possible chance of making money comes up, you see someone embarking on an offensive to make sure that whoever is in power does not succeed in turning around the economy all becoz they want to be in charge.

    Zimbabweans are feeling the heat but it seems they are some who do not mind the suffering maybe becoz they are enjoying freebies from supporters and handlers.

  7. Nobleman Runyanga

    The world should not be misled by Chamisa. He claims SADC engagement, visits Botswana evades Masisi & meets Khama and disses Masisi during Biti’s launch in Harare as frustrating democracy. He is avoiding real SADC and engaging “Khama SADC” only to point fingers at Masisi & SADC Chair. The “Khama SADC” is as good as US SADC & even a child can see through Chamisa’s scheme of trying to blame SADC to cover up his dark meetings & schemes with former Presidents who the US approve of. He should make up his mind on whether he wishes to deal with the SADC or the USA.

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