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C-TRADE brings stock markets to the people


The issue of capital markets and what they actually do, is perceived to be complex, confusing and a reserve for the financially muscular and big institutions.

This is a myth that has existed in the minds of many individuals in the country.

As a result, the Zimbabwe stock markets have suffered a domination by the institutional investors at the expense of individuals.

Both individual and institutional investors however, play a critical role in unlocking the vast opportunities hidden in capital markets all waiting to be exploited. C-TRADE has made it possible for every Zimbabwean at home or in the diaspora to buy and sell shares anytime through various every day mobile gadgets.

C-TRADE is focused on reaching the alternative investor segments because, by concept, it is designed to demystify the notion that share trading is meant for the elite. It aims for an increased participation of individuals.

Therefore it gives an opportunity to people in marginalised and peripheral areas to save, invest and earn through investments in shares.

With financial inclusion initiatives and mobile technology penetration progressing at an unprecedented pace, C-TRADE offers solutions which meets the needs of the modern investor.

The C-TRADE platform has created avenues that make it easier for retail investors to easily access, trade and get relevant information on the companies they wish to invest in.

C-TRADE has introduced investor interface tools such as the Web portal strictly meant for retail investors.

There is also an app-based solution for retail investors on smart phones. The USSD-based solution is targeted at non-smart phone users and integrates with mobile money wallets.

For investors on non- smartphones C-TRADE provides wide participation channels through the incorporation of the SMS and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

Investors dial a short code *727# across all mobile networks in Zimbabwe which gives them direct access to the Zimbabwe’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Securities Exchange with enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Most retail investors lack the critical knowledge of how the capital markets operate as they are not specialists in this field. This however, should not deter them as C-
TRADE enables daily circulation of share prices on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and Financial Securities Exchange.

C-TRADE enables investors to keep track of their investments as the summary trading information is displayed on a real time basis where investors can view various key market indicators such as the prevailing bid and offer prices, value and volume traded.

This enhances the ability of investors to make informed investment decisions by giving them information faster and cheaper in electronic format. This makes the marketplace more transparent, efficient and retail investor-friendly.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, one does not need to have ultra-deep pockets to start investing.

For individuals, capital markets should be a priority place for saving, investing and earning.

Investing in the capital market generates higher returns than keeping one’s savings under the mattress.

Should an individual want to exit an investment they are given the option of exiting whenever they want to.

To conclude, C-TRADE aims for an increased participation of individuals in the stock markets.

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