BREAKING: Al Bashir steps down


Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir has stepped down and is under house arrest, multiple sources told CNN.

His personal guard has been replaced and is under close watch.

Bashir had ruled Sudan for three decades. He is accused of war crimes and genocide by the International Criminal Court for his government’s actions in Darfur.

Sudan’s Army has taken control of the streets, intersections and bridges in the country, according to an eyewitness in Khartoum. The army is not stopping the movement of protestors and people who are celebrating in the streets, the eyewitness said.

Thousands of protestors continue to go to Sudan’s army headquarters in Khartoum as they await the military announcement expected on Sudan State TV.

Earlier a few people were injured when two security forces opened fire near the Al Bashir medical compound, the eyewitness said. The army was able to control the situation following the incident and it wasn’t clear if those injured were members of the security forces, army personnel or protestors.

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  1. Its refreshening to read that Africa is now capable or at list trying to get rid of its Dictators swiftly internally and with minimal to zero bloodshed. Zanupf regime must be wryly following unfolding events in Sudan.

    1. actually its sudan taking notes from Zanu pf. Prof Musoro Bangu was right Coups begat coups. weather good or bad


  3. Relieved Somebody

    So pleasing to read actually there should be no room for dictators in Africa to make it accepted and integral to other continents.

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