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Battered wife exposes drug-peddling hubby



A 27-YEAR-OLD Guruve farmer was arrested after he was outed as a cannabis grower by his wife after he had assaulted her. The infuriated woman tipped-off the police that her husband had grown cannabis in his maize field and a search was conducted, leading to his arrest.

George Chikaka (27) of Tenanog Farm, Guruve under Chief Chipuriro, yesterday appeared before Guruve magistrate Artwel Sanyatwe for unlawful cultivation of dagga.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and Sanyatwe slapped him with six months’ imprisonment of which three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and the remainder commuted to 105 hours community service at Horseshoe Primary School.

Public prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on March 28, at Tenanog Farm in Guruve, Chikaka assaulted his wife Charity Chekai who reported the domestic violence case to the police.

Police officers proceeded to Chikaka’s homestead to arrest him and upon arrival, the wife told the officers that her husband cultivated dagga in his maize field. A search was conducted and 24 mbanje plants were recovered.

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