Warriors locked out

DRESSED TO KILL: Some of the Warriors team members (from left) vice-captain Ovidy Karuru, Khama Billiat, George Chigova, Tino Kadewere and captain Knowledge Musona pose for pictures looking elegantly dressed in suits sponsored by 4May
DRESSED TO KILL: Some of the Warriors team members (from left) vice-captain Ovidy Karuru, Khama Billiat, George Chigova, Tino Kadewere and captain Knowledge Musona pose for pictures looking elegantly dressed in suits sponsored by 4May


The Warriors were yesterday barred from accessing the National Sports Stadium by some government officials where they intended to hold their training session ahead of their crucial Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Congo Brazzaville on Sunday, in an unprecedented and embarrassing move that dampened the mood in the camp.

The team was scheduled to play a preparatory match against Premiership side Yadah FC at the match venue, but were locked out by officials from the Department of Public Works, who administer the stadium.

Warriors team manager Wellington Mupandare confirmed the incident claiming that certain forces were trying to sabotage the team in their quest to qualify for the finals set for Egypt in June.

The team eventually moved to the Yadah Village for their training match.

Since they started training on Tuesday, the Warriors have not used the match venue and they intended to make use of it yesterday, but their plan was scuppered by officials who made a number of unreasonable demands.

“This is the worst treatment that I have seen the team receiving. To imagine that we are barred from accessing our own stadium, a facility that is owned by the government, is gutting. I have never seen this anywhere in the world where a national team is denied to have a feel of their own stadium, it’s shocking,” Mupandare said. “When we went to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville we were given free access to the match venue, but in our own country we can’t train in the match venue. We are barred from using our own stadium by the people who should be supporting us, and you begin to wonder if this is not sabotage.”

Mupandare said the government officials demanded a reconciliation of the tickets that have been sold so far for the match before they could allow the team to train.

“The most disappointing thing is that yesterday we went to an all-stakeholders meeting were all the logistics for the match were discussed. All the relevant authorities were represented and they never raised the ticket issue. And now they are raising it, which is quite disturbing.

“And what is most annoying is that the players don’t have anything to do with the tickets and the levies that the ministry will get. They will eventually get the money after the match anyway, but how is the team going to be compensated for the lost time?” Mupandare quizzed.

Interestingly, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has invited the squad for a pre-match dinner at State House today.

“The President is getting out of his way to make the team comfortable by hosting the squad. But someone down there is trying to sabotage the team. And he is not sabotaging the team only, but the President as well. We have had sponsors who are supporting us. Prophet (Walter) Magaya has stood with us throughout, providing accommodation and food at his hotel and we have just received suits from 4May, and when everyone is trying to make the team succeed, it’s disturbing that the people who should be supporting us are the ones who are throwing spanners (into the works).”

He said yesterday’s events also gives a bad impression to the new players in the team, especially those from Europe.

“Imagine what is going through their minds right now when they are denied entry to their stadium. We are making efforts to negotiate with more players dotted around the globe so that they can come and play for the national team. And when they hear this, do you think they will agree? The players and everyone in the team is disappointed.”


  1. Mr Mupandare is not making sense here, this is a case of incompetence and poor planning on the part of ZIFA, chances are pre-match usage of the match venue was never arranged communicated and confirmed with other stakeholders. Time has now run out the usual default tactic blaming everyone else except themselves kicks in. That unfortunately is the fabric that the zanupf regime has moulded for this country.

  2. Poor adminstration by ZIFA. The event was known long back and ZIFA knows that certain fees are supposed to be paid and they neglect to do so and now the athletes are affected. On the other note Sports tadiums are not serving their purpose. The owners are commercialising sports facilities.

  3. Lazy and bad journalism, Newsday! Why didn’t you approach the officials who denied the Warriors entry into the stadium for comments.

  4. At any facility, private or government, one needs to get permission in advance, to use it. Despite that the warriors is a national team, it does not exclude their management from following procedures for access. They dont just pack their kits at any time and proceed to the stadium and demand access. If they had followed procedures, they wud hv been told about any problems, relevant or non-relevant.

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