Victoria Falls ring-fences jobs



THE VICTORIA Falls community has warned investors to give qualified locals preference for jobs at their businesses, including at the new Sawanga Mall.

The residents under the banner Victoria Falls Residents Association (Vicafora) met the local authorities and investors to voice their stance.

“The writing is on the wall for them and someone should advise them that as long as one avoids the core tenets of Victoria Falls expectations, you will always find it difficult to operate here,” said a resident according to the minutes of the meeting between the investor, councillors and Vicafora.

“They will soon be sleeping on a thorny bed and are risking closing from their shop for good because there will be definitely no room to operate at their so called new shop at Sawanga Mall in defiance with the prerequisites from the residents as shown below,” the resident says in a post.

An official of the Victoria Falls Municipality yesterday said the implementation of the recommendations was already underway.

“I am not allowed to speak to the press, but I can only say those recommendations are being implemented,” the official said.

The residents said only executive and technical positions would be open to outsiders if no local possesses the requisite qualifications.

The Victoria Falls town clerk Ronnie Dube could not be reached for comment.