There is more to cyclone: villagers


Some superstitious villagers in Chimanimani believe that there was more to the floods than just Cyclone Idai.

Hundreds of people have been reported dead, while thousands were displaced mainly in Manicaland following the cyclone-induced floods that occurred last week.

Villagers around the Skyline area, who spoke to NewsDay Weekender, narrated how it all started, with some saying it was a mysterious thing, while others said tremors could not be ruled out.

The villagers narrated how disaster struck after a dynamite-like sound that led to the bursting of mountains.

Phebion Mukamba, from Chinamira village in Skyline, said there was lightning first before a loud bang that triggered massive mudslides.

“What has happened here is mysterious and there is more than just a cyclone. It was raining on the night and very windy. I looked outside and saw something like a colourful ball in the atmosphere. Then, there was lightning and a loud bang was heard after that. It was not thunder. The mountains burst, and there was disaster. Some homes were swept by mudslides, while mountains were oozing water that destroyed roads. It was scary,” he said.

Mukamba said the disaster was mysterious.

Chimanimani reportedly received excess rainfall of 600mm in 24hrs.

A number of people are still missing, with searches currently underway.

Another villager, Moses Mhlanga, said the disaster was mysterious and could not be attributed to Cyclone Idai alone.

“As you can see, every mountain is burst. Is it that Chimanimani is sitting on top of rivers or the sea? Most of the water was oozing from the mountains, and what led to such bursts? I think something happened underground. Everyone heard the bang, it was loud and what followed was disaster,” he said.

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  1. The government, Chgurch leaders and our Traditional leaders with our geologist, must sit down and visit this disaster in Chimanimaniand have a critical analysis of the situation looking at the aftermath. A good question has been asked, ”is Chimanimani sitting on top of the Ocean or not? What is the status of the earth crust in the eastern highlands. Manicaland is our part of the country with very strong, and seem to be ever living, traditional principles or norms that must never be played around with. We have heard and come to know of people who have vanished for ever in Manicaland, black and white people,gone forever with no tress again. Now we have montains uzzing millions of gallons of water and villages being buried with its occupants and a carpet of unusual huge stones cover the surface. I have not been there but the chilling stories we are hearing from those who have been there, carry enough testimonies and surely something must be done by our elders.

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