Teachers rap govt over token pay rise

Raymond Majongwe


THE Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) yesterday said the 10-year cut-off point for civil servants entitled to benefit from a duty-free vehicle import facility was unfair to many employees who will be excluded from the scheme.

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe said the few civil servants who will benefit from the scheme will not even be able to afford fuel for the vehicles due to hikes in fuel prices and their measly salaries.

Majongwe also said the 22% salary increase offer was not enough, given that the health sector will get a 32% salary hike, which showed government separation of the different sectors in its service.

“The sad part is that our counterparts in the health sector qualify for this facility after only two years and besides they get a $15 000 RTGS loan payable over seven years,” he said.

Majongwe said government should revise its offer and ensure that anyone who has served for at least two years in the teaching field was allowed to import vehicle duty-free.

“On the proposed 22% salary offer, it is disconcerting that our employer has given the health sector a 32% increase as if teachers buy from their own shops. We wonder why the Apex (Council) team missed this glaring irregularity,” he said.

The PTUZ said government was also playing a “ping-pong” game on issues around allowances.

“Teachers must gather together, unite as a family and push for sector specific allowances. It’s time teachers unions realised that we are stronger together and not to allow to be divided by bread crumbs offered to some Nicodemously,” he said.